What exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

March 21st, 2019

Inventions in computer science and technology are extremely growing. Our children will live a life with the technology which we are just talking about and the technology which seems Not Possible. One of the highest trending and widely discussed topics in computer science is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence is the behavior of machines who work like humans but not actually are. Also known as Machine Intelligence.

We all are around these intelligent machines and we interact with them daily but we don't realize them. Confused? Let's discuss a few examples.

Flygin Cars

Examples of AI in our Daily Life

  • Voice Recognition
  • Google Assitant
  • Apple's Siri
  • Netflix
  • Google AdSense
  • YouTube's Home Feed
  • Amazone's Echo
  • Games (like Chess, Tic-Tac-Toe)
  • Many more

Can a machine behave like us?

Few people think that Robots (which is an AI technology) will destroy humanity and many films are also made on this thought.

Here is the interview of a Robot, Sophia, Listen how she talks to humans!

Areas of AI

AI is improving in many areas. Some of them are listed below.

  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Games
  • Automation
  • Business
  • Health
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Law


This was a summary of Artificial Intelligence (AI). If you want to know more about it, here are some useful links.



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