7 Benefits of Contributing to WordPress

7 Benefits of Contributing to WordPress

April 3rd, 2019

Thousands of people are contributing to WordPress and making it more Powerful, Strong and Secure. if we ask one of them why do you contribute to WordPress? We can have various answers. To the answers, let’s discuss some benefits of WordPress Contributions.

1. New Badges in your profile

WordPress cares about the contributors a lot. Hence, contributors get awesome badges on their profile page after each successful contribution.


The feeling to get a new badge in our profile is really awesome. If you are a contributor, you know that feeling very well.

Click here to see howmany badges you can have in your profile.

2. Stronger CV

A WordPress profile is not just a simple web page but it's a kind of your CV in itself. Having more badges in your profile means you have a strong CV. You can mention your WordPress profile along with badges in your CV.

Click here to visit Matt Mullenweg WordPress Profile.

3. High Job Opportunities

Stronger CV leads to Higher Job Opportunities. Organizations are looking for the candidate with stronger profile and active contributions in the community. If you are a WordPress developer, you should have actively contributed to the WordPress community.

The recruitment chances of a WordPress developer is higher than others if he is actively participating in the WordPress community.

4. Popularity in industry

Contributions are highlights people with skills. If you are a skilled, participating in WordPRess contribution will automatically make you popular. You don’t have to travel to countries to countries but just have to be a regular contributor.

If your contributions are very helpful to the community, you will not have to hire someone for the marketing of your skills, you will be popular in the world of WordPress automatically.

5. Strong Network through WordCamps

Regular contributions and participation in WordCamps will give you opportunities to meet, connect, make friendships and talk with Highly skilled and Professional people of WordPress.


WordCamps are events where people come together and share their knowledge with each other. This is the best place where you can connect with the people in the same profession and get inspired by them. They can guide you towards the best practices hitting the world. For example, people in WordCamps may share knowledge on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Click here to see the list of upcoming WordCamps around the world.

6. Deeper Level WordPress Knowledge

Contributions don’t just make our profiles and network stronger but also give us deeper knowledge of WordPress. To have a deeper knowledge of WordPress through contributions, it's not necessary to get your patches approved, however, only the activity of “investigating on a bug and diving into the code” will give you more and more knowledge of a WordPress core (if you are investigating on a core bug).

Looking deep in the code to try fixing a bug ticket will introduce you to the new functions you don’t even know before that and those function are actually old but “new” to you. So even if you are not able the fix the bug, you will have a deeper knowledge of a WordPress free of cost!

7. “Happy to help” Feeling

Despite all the above benefits of a WordPress Contributions, the best one is that feeling of getting your patches approved and merged into the core, that feeling when you have a new badge in your profile, that feeling when you helped some unknown person.


These feelings can not be explained in the words. So the feeling of Happy to help is the best benefit we get by contributions.

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